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    I guess the first thing you should know about us is that we'd rather be playing than working. You're shocked, right? We've worked in corporate cube farms and we've also had some fun jobs. But no matter what we do for work, we pretty much all spend a lot more time than our bosses would like daydreaming about the beach or the boat, about skiing or fishing or one of the dozens of other things that we'd REALLY rather be doing. Every once in a while, the temptation gets too great and we all have to take a sanity day and PLAY!  I guess Ferris Bueller has always been kind of a hero to us.

    So out of that we decided to start a company dedicated to helping everyone capture that feeling of fun and freedom. Sure you can't blow off work to go to the beach too often, but you can have a shirt that reminds you just how much fun it is to do that! So we started making t-shirts about all the things we'd rather do. And we found a LOT of new friends who would rather play than work too!
    I think the part that we enjoy the most about LeisureNut is all the emails and comments we get from people who tell us about strangers commenting on their shirts.  It seems that every time someone wears one of our shirts, they meet someone who feels the same way. And that's our goal. We love to remind everyone to have fun and play more!